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Late Mr. Khowaja Mohd. Yunus

An agriculturist / Landlord, owned half of Aligarh until the land ceiling act was passed in India in 1961. Mr. Khowaja Devoted his life to the development and welfare of Aligarh. His vision and life became the inspiration and foundation of khowaja foundation trust. He was a freedom fighter who played a major role in the "freedom movement" with Mahatma Gandhi.

Late Mrs. Hameed Jahan Khowaja

PhD. in English Literature from University in Oxford, England. She was a great social worker and philanthropist. Mrs. Khowaja returned to India to work for the welfare of the people of her country. Donated her personal properties for the public use and devoted her life in public service.


Late Mr. Khowaja Haleem

Grandson of late Mr. Khowaja Mohd Yunus, who also inherited passion for welfare and public service along with vast wealth. After completing M.Sc Statistics, Mr. Khowaja Haleem joined politics and was elected in various committees before he became industries & development minister from the Samajwadi party in Utter Pradesh. Apart from being a great politician, he has been a great social worker and quite a secular and religious person.

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About Khowaja Foundation

Khowaja foundation is a registered Trust dedicated to the field of education and health services. It was established by Mr. Khowaja Haleem, M.L.C, in memory of his dynamic and beloved grandfather late Mr Khowaja Mohd Yunus. Khowaja Foundation Trust is dedicated to quality education and health services in Aligarh, India. For generations, khowaja foundation trust is providing free education to kids up til primary school. The college, though follows the government rules and regulations and thus a nominal fees is charged. Scholarships programs are there to support students.

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